Our history

Antichità Sacco Giovannino was founded in 1958 by my parents. My father Giovannino with a small truck went around in the Tyrol valleys to collect the beautiful painted furniture,to supply his small shop located in the family house where my mother Ave dealt with the selling.

At the first time the customers were antique dealers, architects and designers, but as the voice spread in the nearby Cortina where the most important italian and international names of the industry and show business were building their wonderful villas, and they were looking for the most exclusives and unique pieces of furniture. So many of them went to my parents to buy unique furniture. These people of good taste and good culture motivated my father to find most important pieces of arts, paintings, sculptures, silvers, important furniture. So with time starting by modest furniture my father became an antiques expert, especially in wood sculpture. In 1999 my father passed away, leaving me in a great pain, but with my mother help, the passion for antiques, the customers fidelity I managet to get throughthose bad times and keep our tradition alive, enriching and enlarging our galleries with very accurate research for antiques estimator. Now like always you can come and visit us in person, you will find the competence, professionality and seriousness that belong to us, or you can view a part of our on-line catalog and proceed with the purchase.